Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Lady & Sons, Savannah

For those of you who watch Food Network, you may be shocked and appalled that I had no idea we had a famous restaurant right here in Savannah! Well, I'd never heard of it until we moved here. And then once I heard of it, I never saw or read anything much about it.

Until... Andrew and I stopped in for a Sunday lunch at Paula Deen's own The Lady & Sons.

Come to find out, this is fine southern country cookin' at it's absolute best! Sundays are buffet-only, and everything we ate was incredible. Andrew says that the lima beans themselves were good enough to be the main dish! We enjoyed southern-fried chicken, roast and vegetables, sweet potatoes, green beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, fried cornbread, and luscious cheese biscuits. Dessert was a choice of brownie pie, banana pudding topped with real whipped cream, or Georgia peach cobbler. The waiter let us try all three.

And now I suddenly see Paula Deen everywhere! She has her shows on the Food Network, her cookbooks lining the shelves of every self-respecting bookstore or WalMart, and even a new magazine, Cooking with Paula Deen. In addition to all this, she still holds cooking classes at her restaurant when she's in town.

Well, so I bought the cookbook. It has most all the recipes for the dishes we ate that Sunday.

Even the Peach Cobbler.

Come to Savannah sometime, and we'll take you there!

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Anonymous said...

Never heard of it in my life... but never knew to look for Paula Deen! But I do know that when I got married and moved to the south, I was amazed at the southern style buffets in Birmingham! Southern style cooking isn't something you can find everywhere, and some of it is absolutely incredible! Have you tried any out of the recipe book yet?

love you!
Hope your trip was good~

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