Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Trip Home & Rosanna's Wedding!

Okay, so it was also Rob's...

We had a great time on our vacation/wedding trip last week! Andrew and I flew to Portland where we were met by the whole fam. I hadn't seen my brothers or Jenny since we left after the wedding, so I was so excited to get back with them!

We proceeded to troop to the mall for a family photo appointment. THAT was fun! We all wore black and jeans and got some GREAT shots. Can't wait to get them chosen and ordered.

The next day we spent in Warren with the family and had lots of visitors and a BBQ that night. It was so great to see everyone!

On Thursday, we all piled in Dad's truck and the Explorer (we even convinced Wes and Jenny to go ahead and come at the last minute!) and we drove down to Carson City, way of the greatest outlet mall in Oregon...

Friday and Saturday were all wedding days and full of scrambling around and getting ready and then being amazed that "the day" for Rob & Rosanna was actually here! The wedding was in Carson, but the reception was at beautiful Lake Tahoe. Kinda windy and cold, but it was so great.

Here are some random pictures of the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Are you just maybe possibly wearing a red shirt in that first pic that said "Bridesmaid" ? Just curious. I love, love your expression in that shot... :)

How, purple and red! Amazing. Just amazing. amazing... You look so amazing! It set off your hair and eyes like I wouldn't have imagined! ... and what a beautiful place for a reception! Everything just looks so creative and orginal!

What was it like to be a bridesmaid and be taken already? Course, I know the answer somewhat -- but not really cause I've only been a cridesmaid, whoops, typo, that would be bridesmaid, after I got married, thanks to you, Abby, Holly, and Sharon W. so I don't really know what it's like to be a bridesmaid single -- but really, that's beside the point, cause that was a dumb question...

so, starting over --

sounds like an awesome time with your family! I'm sure it was wonderful to be "home" again-- sounds like great shopping and trip and wedding and everything. So glad you got to go, dearest.

And yes, this would be considered an email and not a "comment" -- but I'm still not good at just leaving a comment. Sorry :)

loveyou so much. Oh, and by the way -- our little chat about ya know, was so confirming and so freeing -- all's well. :)


Abs said...

Well, I'll leave a few comments. :-)
LOVELY pictures. I'm sure they were a stunning couple. And the wedding looks as if it was AMAZING and creative...good choice of words, Lys! I'm sure they are so so happy to be on this side of it!
How fun to have a family photo shoot. Can't wait to see some of those! How fun to have your little family of two be with your big family, no doubt it was memorable and special.
I think of you often. the kids ask about you. miss you. I'm sure all is wonderful. Bring Andrew to TX when you can....when you want to see dry, hot, brown, ugly Texas, oh but there are fun friends, cute kids, and never a lack of entertainment!
Love ya,

Rosanna said...

Hey! How come I am JUST NOW seeing this?? Good grief, you'd think I just got married or something, the way I'm never online! ;) But ya know I love you! I'll send you an e-mail with our new contact info as soon as we get a house phone, k? *muah*

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