Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mom and Dad Visit - Part II

Now it was time for MY parents to come see us at our first home. They were here for a few days, and had to head back to Portland on Sunday. We loved having them here! Not seeing them since right after our wedding ... that seems like a long time ago, now... Okay, it had only been 6 or so weeks since I'd seen my Dad and Mom, but I missed them like crazy!

I felt so much better (as I know they did) to have them actually see where we are living and where Andrew works and where we go shopping in Hinesville, on post, off post, and Savannah, and what we do, etc. That way they can picture what I mean when I'm telling them about things. Somehow it just helps. I start to feel, sometimes, as though the entire expanse of the United States is between me and my family!

Andrew was off work for Labor Day weekend, so we four hung around the house and "talked our heads off." We had lots to catch up on! Play-by-play of the wedding, how everyone is doing, new plans for the fall and winter... I got to fiddle with their new little Canon PowerShot. Very nice little camera and more megapixels than my huge one! That's what's killing me! The pictures on this post are all from the camera. It even takes video! Notice the self-timer mode in action...

The first night they were here, they got to get in on a Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting at Andrew's company. The Captain was letting all the families know what to expect in the next few months. Deployment possibilities, more FTXs, and such.

The day we were in Savannah, we showed Mom and Dad the restaurant on River Street, - Dockside - where Andrew took me just before he proposed to me back in April.

We went out to dinner and then to see Invincible. One afternoon, we even took Mom and Dad by the Commissary and the PX on post. We went over to William and Amanda's for dessert, too. Amanda's sister, Ginger, was still in town, so that was a fun visit.

It was hard to say goodbye to them. And hard to get over the fact that my parents had to travel somewhere just to see me where I was living...and it wasn't just the upstairs hallway! We get to see them again so soon, though!

Next Tuesday, Andrew is on leave and we both get to fly out to Portland for a day before we join the family on a road trip down to Carson City for Rosanna Storey's wedding. Fun times! Can't wait to see my brothers and Jenny. Love you guys!


Abs said...

How fun, Cass!
And I know you all will have a great time next week too all together!
You two look so great!
And your parents do too! :-)

Anonymous said...

It brought back memories of that first time mom and dad came and visited R and I so very far away in NC about 6 weeks after we got married! Yes, going blow by blow through the wedding! Such amazing feelings is it not to feel this part of being married -- that part of it really sinking in that yes, they are not down the hall !(thank goodness ya know in some ways, but you know what I mean:) -- but it's some emotional strange feelings when you have a great fam. I am so glad you are going to be able to see them again so soon though too and Rosanna's wedding!!!! yeah~! I wish I could be there too~ we three Married girlie-girls really should go hang out over coffee one of these days together. What fun that would be! Want to meet in Portland?

Love seeing the pics! You and Andrew and just so awesomely handsome (I couldn't write cute for his sake and you know I've always thought you are beautiful) I love seeing your trailer too - reminds me of that one R and I lived in when Scott was little and you can to stay. Good times.

I miss you and love you.

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