Saturday, September 09, 2006

Organization Day

Imagine, if you will, a day in which two to three hundred people are coerced into participating in such "sports" as "Dunk Boothing"...

...Tug O' War....

... and Flag Football.

Such "Mandatory Fun" lasted about six hours yesterday, from roughly 9:00 am to about 3:00 pm. My Battalion celebrated an "Organization Day" as a much needed break in our preparations to go out to the field for about a month.

A good time was had by all, despite scary, ill-fitting clown and bunny costumes. In fact, the entire day would have been much like a carnival, complete with jumping house for the kids... the only difference between "O-Day" and a regular carnival being that those in attendance were there because it was their place of duty and were not allowed to leave until the event was completely finished.

I had attended one other such event this year, after the battalion returned from Iraq. That "O-Day" happened to fall on March 8th, actually. I know this because March 8th is my Beautiful Bride's birthday... I sat on the bank of a man-made lake and talked her through opening the presents I sent... but that's another story.

Yesterday's festivities were much more enjoyable... everything is when one is a whole person. My other half attended yesterday's "O-Day" with me and stayed through the entire thing. It was the first time she'd spent six straight hours in the Georgia sun. I love Cass so much, and I am so grateful that she supports me 100% in everything I'm tasked with. She made yesterday a good day for me, just by being by my side.

I mean, heck, how could any day be bad when I am married to this Beautiful Sweetheart?


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful Babe!

hey you two! fun post - I 've never heard about that side of the Army -- civilians really know so little about what it is or means to be apart of something so much bigger than just their little world/family. Maditory fun. Hum. Not a totally bad idea I suppose :)

Sweet and very totally truthful comments about cassidy HARPER. Andrew, you are so God's coompletion to her as well.

THANKS cass for the call tonight. It was so thoughtful of you to call me~ so good to catch up just a very tad bit here and there. love you so much.

another long comment by:


Anonymous said...

ug. I hate that. Completion. there, typo corrected.

besides, what in the world does it mean if Andrew is a "cOOmpletion?" - I'd like a definition for that one please.

Abs said...

And I will do a spell check for ya too, what is MADitory fun, eh? :-)

Anyway, Andrew and Cass, it looks fun. And Mrs. Harper you look TOO happy, girl! It sure does make life better when TWO become ONE! And it only gets awesomer (oops, that's not even a word) by the way. And before you know it you will have been together 8 years! (I can't believe we almost have, wow!)

Have a BLAST out West, you two! Give Rosanna and Rob my CONGRATS and hugs from us!

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